How To Hire The Best Attorney

Hiring the best lawyer can be rather tricky. We all know that most lawyers are just out for money. Not many are interested in giving free legal advice. Who blame us for feeling this way? There is a way to know you have someone good on your side.

1- Does your lawyer have your best interests ate heart. This is something you need to find out right away. You are shooting yourself in the foot, hiring a legal practice manager¬†who doesn’t care about you. It’s not all about them, though many of them feel this way. Your life is hanging on the line, no matter what sort of case you have. Your defense needs to put your needs first.

Here’s a hint: If you lawyer tells each of his clients to plead guilty right away, he doesn’t have your best interests at heart. He only cares about himself. Do yourself a favor and kick him to the curve. I doubt he will really care anyway.

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2- Look at the qualifications. A guy who got his law degree off the back of matchbox is not the right defense for you. He doesn’t have the experience or the intelligence to see your case through. Do yourself a favor and show him the door. He needs to go back to school and soon.

3- Has he ever appeared in court? I’m not talking about as a client either. Has he held more then two cases in court? Did he win these cases? Winning makes all the difference. Is his win-loss ratio is not that great, meaning he lost more then he won, he is not the right lawyer. You need to find someone else.

4- What do his or her co-workers have to say about it? Do they speak highly of your lawyer? Do they trust him? This is very important. If the firm has some misgiving about the defense lawyer you have chosen, don’t dismiss this. There might be a good reason why they feel this way. Talk to his co-workers. Find out as much as you can before you hire him(her).

5- What type of classes did he(her)take in college. Did the degree program consist of mostly law classes? I’m not kidding here. You need someone who has graduated top of their class or pretty close. Anything less should be unacceptable. You need someone who knows the law and understands it. There is a difference. There are some lawyers who know what the law states, but do not understand the meanings. You don’t want this type of lawyer.

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